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If you wish to learn world-class tennis fundamentals, you have come to the only school in Singapore accredited by world-renowned Rick Macci Tennis Academy (RMTA)which has nurtured champions such as the William Sisters, Andy Roddick, Sofia Kenin and many other pros

Dream Up Sports believes in inspiring greatness in our students by providing the best teaching methods tailored to each individual. Formally trained by the RMTA, we are equipped to deliver high quality tennis instruction for tennis players in Singapore.

Coaching is an art, and effective communication is the key.


That is why we believe a smaller, more intense Tennis program with a heavy emphasis on the individual is the way to develop players.


Over the past 10 years, we have devoted our work to changing lives and to the development of sports talents at all levels.


It is a long-term process that takes hard work and dedication to live up to your fullest potential. Here at Dream Up Sports, we will do our best to help you develop as a person, athlete and player. So whether you are looking for a private 1-on-1 lesson,  a year-round junior tennis program, or a tennis camp, we have something for all ages and all levels.


We look forward to personally work with you very soon on court.


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Dream Up Team


About rick macci

"Rick is the #1 Tennis Coach of the past century and leads by example with all his students.


His corrective techniques and uncanny ability to correct flaws and habits is a true gift. He is a special talent and a mentor to thousands around the world.

Rick is considered the country’s premier communicator and looks through the game of tennis and life with a magical scope.

His accomplishments, achievements and overall global respect from the industry and the public is unmatched."


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"I had a very good session! You won’t be disappointed! Learnt so much about Tennis through Coach Benji in just one session! Being a tennis player for close to 10 years, I did not know that my foundation such as racquet gripping was incorrect all these while! Thanks Coach Benji for being so patient & accommodating throughout the session! In just one session, not only have I learnt to correct my racquet grip, but also correct my backhand grip and strokes! I would highly recommend you to at least attend a coaching session to understand how much I’ve benefited from this class!" - Charis


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