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Vision: Nurture Tennis Talents

Mission: Dream Up Sports believes in delivering fun and personalised tennis programs for all ages, using Rick Macci's teaching techniques and mental skills. We are not a factory. Each student receives individual instructions with a small student/coach ratio for drilling, point play, athletic enhancement and mental resilience.


Motto: "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is a little extra"

Services: Individual lessons, group sessions, tennis camps, school recreational and competitive team coaching.


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Core Values:

  1. Every student learns to value the uniqueness and growth of themselves and others.

  2. Every student learns to be thankful for the privilege they have to learn.

  3. Every student learns to focus on being their best and being humble.

  4. Every student learns to receive correction with a good attitude.

  5. Every student learns to try new things and see failing as a part of learning.

  6. Every student learns to persevere in spite of challenges and obstacles.

  7. Every student learns to place the learning process above the end result.

  8. Every student learns to socialise with others and be positive about building friendships.

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