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Coach chek's Testimonials

Xingyi's mum, China 🇨🇳


Chek is a very professional tennis coach. He combines teaching with pleasure in every lesson, and designs teaching methods according to the interests and characteristics of children. My son loves tennis lessons very much and is looking forward to the "match” with Chek every week!

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Anqi, Singapore 🇸🇬

Chek is a fantastic coach, lessons with him is always very fun and enjoyable, and at the same time I am able to learn a lot during all of his lessons. He is able to effectively communicate what we are going to do during lesson, and also quickly correct my form or techniques whenever needed. I would definitely recommend Chek to anyone interested in learning tennis!

Noah & Esme, Singapore 🇸🇬

My kids started tennis a year prior with different coach prior to lessons with Coach Chek. They did not enjoy the lessons and were not keen to pursue tennis further. It was hard for me as a lay person to troubleshoot what was wrong with the lessons per se.


Starting lessons with Coach Chek was a last attempt to get the kids interested in tennis and to pursue it as a regular sport. Failing which, we would have stopped tennis altogether. There has been a remarkable change in their interest and they now look forward to lessons with Coach Chek. I also appreciate receiving updates on their progress and this is encouraging to the kids when I chat with them about it.

EelianSingapore 🇸🇬

Coach Chek is definitely an expert in approaching with kids and managed to ice break with my boy to get him warmed up on his 1st lesson as he usually takes longer with new people he met. Professional and always gave updates on his progress and what was done for every lesson

Lian Liping, Singapore 🇸🇬

My son started learning from coach Chek since few months ago. Every lesson is filled with fun and laughter. He makes the lesson interesting enough for an 8 yo boy. My boy enjoys the lesson so much that he signed tennis as his CCA in school.

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Jessica Xu,  Singapore 🇸🇬

Chek is a very patient and kind coach who explains clearly the fundamentals of tennis. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a beginner tennis coach. :)

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Desmond Ng,  Singapore 🇸🇬

Experience and patient coach. Provides proper guidance and instructions to improve skill n technique for every tennis lesson.

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Zeng Qunfang, China 🇨🇳

Chek is a fantastic coach. It has been amazing how I and my child have improved our tennis, especially I have been struggling with my back hand. We are grateful to him for patiently correcting our technique. Through him, I learnt to engage my entire body instead of arms when hitting the balls. We really enjoy it.

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Prajina Adhikari, Nepal 🇳🇵

I have been taking lessons from Coach Chek for the past few months and I have really enjoyed it. Chek is knowledgeable, patient and is really good in tailoring the lessons to suit my learning curve. I highly recommend him.

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Snow, Singapore 🇸🇬

Chek is a very experienced and knowledgeable coach. He is very patient in his teaching and would use fun methods in his class to help us hone our skills. His friendly demeanor makes lessons really enjoyable! Highly recommend!

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Corrine Tai, Singapore 🇸🇬

My kids had the pleasure to be coached by Coach Chek. They had a wonderful time and had a good rapport and chemistry with Coach Chek. He is so good with the kids. Unfortunately we have to move and my kids are missing his coaching immensely.

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