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coach Benji

Coach Benji started playing tennis in primary school and represented his school at the junior college level. After finishing his national service, Benji left Singapore to study in the United States where he gained his full sports coaching certification from USSA (United States Sports Academy), majoring in Tennis. Over the years, his love for the game grew and soon blossomed into the founding of Dream Up Sports.


He gained certification at the Rick Macci Tennis Academy (Elite Certificate), PTR (Professional Tennis Registry), the AATC (Australasian Academy of Tennis Coaches) level 1, level 2 teaching and level 2 professional coaching certifications. His experience include running tennis programs at Singapore American School (SAS) and United World College (UWC East).


He also obtained his Elite Sports Performance: Psychological Perspectives certification conducted by Asian South-Pacific Association of Sport (ASPASP) and completed a mental games coaching program that was conducted by a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) coach. With his wide range of mental games coaching tools and experience, Benji incorporates mental coaching to help his students overcome mental blocks and achieve maximum performance.

A multi-faceted individual, Benji is an accomplished Floorball coach and former national team player who competed in the World Floorball Championships. He is also a trained and certified sports rehab specialist who offers sports massage and myofascial release services to all his students. On top of that, he is also certified as a swimming and inline skate instructor.


Known for his keen eye for details in coaching, Benji has a strong passion for teaching and often inspires his students with his positive energy and enthusiasm. With the extensive experience working as a teaching professional, Benji offers his students a full package to perform at the highest level. He believes that everyone is a champion in a certain area and just needs time to figure that out. He takes great delight in working with the strengths of the individual and believes that fun is one of the best ways to learn. In his coaching, Benji focuses on mental resilience and character development because he believes that is half the battle won. He does not want his players to be winners in the sport but also a winner in life.

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