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Coach eddie

Coach Eddie started his tennis coaching career in the year 2000. With his love for the sport and vast playing experience, he developed a keen interest to impart his skills to others.

It did not take long for him to find a way to develop his coaching and soon obtained a coaching certification from the Singapore Tennis Association.


Apart from gaining competitive experience from being a former SAFRA tennis team player, he is also an active member of the USTA and has played in the USTA league in the US. He was once awarded the best doubles player in Texas, USA.


Armed with a passion to impart his experience and skills, he is always ready to teach anyone who is keen to take up tennis. His flexible coaching style helps him to coach players of all ages and those who are planning to take their tennis to the next level.

coach eddie's Testimonial

Andre Nobre, Brazil 🇧🇷 (Beginner)


Coach Eddie is punctual and a good coach cum motivator. He is patient and very knowledgeable about the game both past and present. Some people may be pushed back that he is a senior but he is very fit and can play very well against much younger and even fitter players.

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